How I Use Mindfulness and How Freelancers Can Too

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My freelance journey is dotted with hiccups. I’ve lived the digital nomad life with its ups and downs, experienced feast and famine times, and celebrated big and small wins.

Yet, amid all the noise and chaos, I noticed a sign of stability: Mindfulness. In this article, I’ll share my freelance journey with mindfulness as my constant companion. I’ll also place before you some personal insights that will help you include in your lives too.

My Freelance Journey with Mindfulness

When I was new to the freelance world, I saw myself drowning in a sea of self-doubt and deadlines. On the one hand, I felt the pressure to perform, and on the other, I felt overwhelmed by the persistent demands of the freelance world.

All this was ruling my life and I was crumbling with its weight when something happened. I came across a concept that could change my life. Mindfulness.

I thought of trying it out. After all, what did I have to lose? Slowly but surely, it became part of my daily routine, and over time, I found great relief from using it.

Understanding Mindfulness for Freelancers

Mindfulness, or being fully present, is a powerful tool that you can use. It doesn’t blank your mind, but your awareness. In this state, you can respond to challenges with concentration and compassion, thereby reducing stress and increasing creativity. By rooting yourself in the present moment, you can perform tasks easily and calmly, and display your full potential.

The most popular mindfulness techniques are breathing exercises, that can increase your focus and creativity.

There’s a common misconception that mindfulness empties the mind or suppresses thoughts and emotions. Instead, mindfulness is about learning to concentrate on our thoughts and feelings with curiosity and compassion. For freelancers, it means acknowledging the ups and downs of life without letting it dictate our actions.

The New Light in My Life

I’d been practicing mindfulness for some time when I realized its far-reaching consequences on my productivity, well-being, and work-life balance. I regularly performed mindful breathing and body scans. And you wouldn’t believe the peace it gave me, the clarity I enjoyed, and the renewed focus I worked with.

As I made mindfulness part of my daily routine, I found myself more in line with the present moment. I could also bounce back easily when faced with problems. And most of all, I felt more fulfilled in my freelance space.

Practical Mindfulness Strategies You Can Use

Now that you know how important mindfulness can be in your life, why not check out the strategies to make this a part of your daily life?

Mindful Breathing:

This is by far the simplest and most powerful of all mindfulness exercises. All you need to do is to sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes, and focus on your breath rising and falling. Hold your breath for a moment before you exhale. Do this five times a day and see the difference.

As you spend some dedicated time for this each day, you will experience some inner calm that can see you through the most horrendous days.

It also helps reduce stress and heart rate and makes you focus on your body.

Initially, take small breaths, until you feel confident to take big ones.

Body Scan Meditation:

Body scan meditation is effective in making us aware of each part of our body, including tensions and sensations. When you realize this, you can release any physical tension and align with body signals. This helps prevent burnout and maintain overall good health. If you want to do guided body scan meditations, you could begin with three minutes and go on to 30 minutes.

Mindful Listening:

Mindfulness is all about acceptance, so notice the sounds around you. The breeze blowing, the birds chirping, and the sound of traffic or trains passing by. Appreciate them and you’ll find that when you listen to these sounds, you clear your mind of unwanted thoughts.

Mindful Eating:

Stop wolfing down your food. With mindful eating, you do just the opposite. You eat small morsels of food, savoring each bite. Focus on the flavors of your food, and note its texture. Then, have your next morsel.

When you concentrate on your food, your digestion and overall well-being improve.

Mindful Work Breaks:

When you want a break from work, don’t stand around to gossip. Take advantage of the time and have a short walk. A walk can reset your mind, rejuvenate you, and get you ready for the next wave of work.

Overcoming Challenges

A freelancer’s life isn’t always sunshine and roses. There are ups and downs and crazy deadlines to meet. At such times, remember we seek progress, not perfection. By spending just a few moments each day in mindful practice, you can enjoy a world of difference in your general health and productivity.

To stay motivated, begin small. Commit to just a few minutes each day and be consistent. Once you make that a habit, try investing a little more time in mindfulness practice.

How Mindfulness Impacts Freelancer Success

Freelancing success goes beyond the paycheck. It’s also about finding fulfillment, fun, joy, and a work-life balance. With mindfulness, you don’t work more, but you use this path to succeed while also feeding your soul.

Mindfulness practice helps you work smarter, and connect at a deep level with yourself, your work, and your immediate environment.

You enjoy enhanced creativity, have happy clients, and a rewarding career. And, you also handle the rough and tumble of freelancer life with resilience and patience. It gives you the courage to show up each day and give your best.


My freelance journey with mindfulness has been absolutely revolutionary. It goes far beyond work—now, it’s about living with purpose, peace, and presence. This has enriched my overall freelance experience and I truly believe it can do the same for you.

Are you ready to transform your freelance journey? Accept mindfulness with an open mind and you’ll find that the rewards are monumental.

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