Dark, Strong, Unforgettable

The rich, strong, robust taste of coffee
for day-long mental alertness.
 Wake up to Morning Splendor Organic Coffee.

Did you know the story of a young Ethiopian goatherd who found his flock rather spirited after they ate some unusual berries? He took a handful of them to a sage and asked what they were.

The sage forbade him from using such strong, intoxicating berries. He threw them in the fire, but its intoxicating aroma forced him to rethink his decision.

These strong coffee berries were prevalent among the Arabs too, who spent several hours with it in the company of their friends.

And when, in the 16th century, an Indian strapped some of these to his belly and entered India, a new story unfolded.

The dark, strong, and unforgettable coffee bean had come to India.

Conversations over coffee began.

Meanwhile, the Dutch, who were already in India and known as the world’s No. 1 coffee producers, brought their precious beans to India and grew them on highland estates.

Dark, strong, and unforgettable varieties of coffee were soon commonplace, and the humble coffee bean came home to roost.

Now, from the Dutch-inspired house of splendid coffee comes Morning Splendor Organic Coffee that’s set to completely transform your life, whenever you might relax with it.

A fourth-generation, Dutch-inspired coffee grower in Coorg, India, is fuelling a new coffee revolution.

This coffee is so refreshing that you will get more out of each day. Leaving you enough time for yourself to do the things you like.

Meet a friend over coffee, crack puzzles while you sip it, or watch the day go by as you settle down with your warm friend.

Any way you like, Morning Splendor is set to be your lifetime companion.

Would you like to make your days better?

It’s easy. All you need to do is to begin a revolution in your daily life. As I said, it’s easy. Pick up a 200-gram packet of Morning Splendor Organic Coffee and welcome it into your coffee routine.

 Why Morning Splendor Organic Coffee?

You’re a morning person. You believe a strong cup of coffee gets the day off to a good start. That makes you one of the 82.3% who insists on a solid cuppa of flavourful coffee each morning.

Aromatic, flavorful, and delicious, Morning Splendor Organic Coffee opens the sleep chambers of your brain and gets it working. Just right for when the birds are beginning to chirp and the sun is slowly rising.

But not just a hot steaming cup of coffee would be enough for a coffee enthusiast like you, right? It must be more than that.

And that’s where Morning Splendor comes in. A healthy mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee types, it combines the delicate taste of Arabica with the strong and flavorful characteristics of Robusta. So deliciously combined are they that your mornings will never be as before. You decide.

4 Unique Reasons to Reach Out for Morning Splendor

Morning Splendor wasn’t born overnight. After much thought, experimenting, tasting, roasting, and grinding, it is now competent to stand on your kitchen tabletop.

To be the toast of your morning and the pride of your afternoon cuppa.

To be the talk of the town on rainy days, cold mornings, and in exciting moments, in coffee bars and gourmet clubs.

To be the reason for that 30-something executive to come up with unique solutions to pressing problems.

Morning Splendor is richly endowed to be part of your glad times, sad times, and hopeful times. Indeed, your silent friend in need.

Of course, there’s more to this amazing Kickstarter to your day. Here’s why you shouldn’t resist reaching out for it:

#1. Vitamin B2, which contains Riboflavin, helps you see better.

Your first brass glass of Morning Splendor perks you up with the first two sips. You’re so alert that you can now focus on everything in your environment that you couldn’t do earlier.

#2. Vitamin B5 helps you eliminate stress.

If you’re stress-free, you can live a healthy life, work to your fullest capacity, and enjoy life.

#3. Vitamin B1 fights depression for you.

A calm mind can help you sleep better, be in a positive frame of mind, and be receptive to newness in your life.



The Goodness of a Cup of Morning Splendor

 In every 150 ml cup of Morning Splendor, you get:

 Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): 11% of the daily value

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid): 6% of the daily value

Vitamin B1 (thiamine): 2% of the daily value

Vitamin B3 (niacin): 2% of the daily value

 #4.  5 Essential minerals build a healthy body. Morning Splendor is an organic coffee, so it’s not surprising that one cup of it (240 ml) contains essential minerals such as:

  • Folate: Folate works to form red blood cells and improve heart health, keeping you healthy so you get more out of life.
  • Manganese: Improves bone health so that you don’t suffer from bone deficiencies like osteoporosis
  • Potassium: Protects you against stroke, osteoporosis, and kidney problems while also managing high blood pressure
  • Magnesium: It keeps you energized for long, regulates blood sugar levels, and keeps your heart healthy.
  • Phosphorus: Develops healthy bones and teeth, reduces chances of osteoporosis, and treats urinary tract infections. Overall, it takes care of your health.

Being Morning Splendor isn’t enough. And the above takeaways aren’t all either. True, it is enriched with several worthy reasons that will make you consider it seriously.

Ingredients That Take Care of You

Morning Splendor isn’t all Arabica and Robusta alone. Two more worthy ingredients have a two-fold duty to perform.

One: Cardamom gives you all the benefits of a healthy spice. Besides enhancing the taste of your coffee, it also lowers your cholesterol level and improves blood circulation.

Two, it contains cocoa that regulates blood pressure and protects you from cardiovascular disease.

The Benefits of a Hot Cup of Organic Coffee

Organic coffee isn’t the mumbo-jumbo coinage of the year. It’s a developed science that is the foundation of all our coffee-making experiments.  This coffee type is grown in the highlands of Peru, Columbia, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Sri Lanka.

And here’s where the magic begins.

#1. Like all organic coffee brands, Morning Splendor contains fewer additives than standard coffee brands. So, it’s safer for you to consume without any health concerns.

#2.  It is free of toxins, so it contains more micronutrients like minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

#3. Organic coffee is not grown using pesticides. By not ingesting them, you’re healthier than others who drink non-organic coffee.

#4. Organic coffee is a product of better growing practices, which translates into better product quality.


 The Perfect Conversation Starter

Sure, it’s a hot drink, but it is also the perfect way to converse. “Nice cup of coffee here” could start not just a meaningful conversation between two people, but who knows where it could lead.

A new job? A relationship? A business opportunity? The world is at your feet.

And if none of these works out for you, at least you get a chance to voice your opinion on your favorite subjects. Socially, you could be a hit if you’re in the right group.

Wonders at Work

Perhaps you’re trying to make your mark in your chosen field. At 30, you must be working overnight to meet your targets and get that colossal jump you dream of. How can you be more productive than you already are?

You need external help. Perhaps, you need a cup of refreshing coffee to pep you up. To give you that extraordinary stimulus that will set your brain working better and producing more.

Insights, solutions, analysis, and much more become so easy when you give yourself a cup of delightful coffee. It sees you through the day. It benchmarks you as someone with a bright future. A man (or woman) to watch out for.

Could this be you? Try it out with a cup of specially crafted gourmet coffee. We call it Morning Splendor.

Easy to Prepare

What could be easier than making a brass glass or cup of Morning Splendor? Boil a cup of water and add half a teaspoon of coffee powder, milk, and sweetener. And you’re all set to enjoy your drink of the day.

Not Much at All

By opting for Morning Splendor, you stand to gain a lot. Social recognition, promotions at work, a new and promising relationship, more money in the bank…Could you ask for more?

For the cost of a one-time pizza, you get a month’s supply of Morning Splendor. Think about it.

Do you want instant gratification once a day, or several times a day, 30 days a month? And all for the same price.

Just Rs. 500 for 200 grams.

This rich coffee is an investment in your time, profession, and social worth. So, it’s certainly not an expense.

So, ultimately, what Morning Splendor gives you is a practice of drinking gourmet coffee with fantastic health, social and professional advantages.

Care for some coffee?

Fill in the coupon below, and we’ll send you a delightful pouch of Morning Splendor to try, savor, and build a relationship.

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